Say Good-Bye To “One Size Fits All” Therapy

Mexía Bodywork offers the most advanced bodyworking techniques to rejuvenate your health from head to toe. We craft personalized plans with layers of therapeutic relief to cover every last one of your pain points. Your blended therapy treatment plan could include one or all of the following options below.


Deep Tissue Massage

Improve range of motion and relieve mental and physical stress with slow, deep strokes that targets pain beneath the skin’s surface (muscles and connective tissue), giving you lasting and immediate relief.

Sports Massage

Sustain top athletic performance, prevent future injuries, and heal your body from past trauma with a customized massage designed to keep your body operating at its fullest potential. For professional or recreational athletes with physically active lifestyles.

Therapeutic Massage

A customized massage for ultimate physical relaxation using a blended mixture of firm pressure, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and fascia stretch therapy, reestablishing harmony in both body and mind.

Cupping Therapy

This therapy utilizes a special tool that creates suction within plastic or silicone cups applied to the body. The negative pressure within the cups stimulates blood flow to targeted areas experiencing joint or muscle pain and reduce inflammation, accelerate recovery, and improve function of the lymphatic and circulatory system.

Cupping is safe for almost everyone and can be performed almost anywhere in the body. The sensation of the cups can be customized based on the strength of the suction and can be static or moved around in gliding motions to feel like a massage.

Muscle Scraping

Dig deep into past pain and heal soft tissue damage at the root – quickly and effectively. Dario will apply specialized metal instruments and advanced body working techniques to target pain and release muscle tension, reversing the effects of previous injuries on your body. These instruments effectively break down fascial restrictions and scar tissues with the appropriate amount of pressure.

Fascial Stretch Therapy™

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST) is a unique approach to assisted stretching that, focuses on the connective tissue, “fascia”, rather than just isolated individual muscles. Fascia is our connective tissue system that penetrates through and wraps around everything in our body: muscles, organs, and nerves. The techniques used in FST stretches your “nets” of fascia along with your muscles.

FST Sessions are personalized and pain-free to improve quality of life, promote faster recovery from fitness & athletic activities, and reduces pain caused by lack of mobility & flexibility.

You wouldn’t drive around in a car that desperately needed maintenance, so why drive your own body without it?

Your body is the most valuable machine you’ll ever invest in. It’s responsible for keeping you going each and everyday for the rest of your life. But the vast majority of people (maybe even you!) go through life feeling like your body’s check engine light is on, but you just keep grinding away as if nothing is wrong.

Maybe you’ve got mysterious aches and pains, an overwhelming sense of exhaustion or past injuries that NEVER seem to heal... And it’s clear you need something deeper than an ordinary trip to the massage therapist to see the results and the relief you want and deserve.

Why regular massages don't work

(and why bodywork is the answer)

Traditional Massage

  • crossLimited to focusing on one style of treatment
  • crossAddresses only physical symptoms, but not the underlying causes
  • crossProvides only temporary relief from on-going pain and stress
  • crossLeaves you with no applicable skills for daily self-care


  • crossTargeted relief that incorporates many disciplines in a harmonious, customized way
  • crossDigs deep into the root of your pain and leaves no stones unturned
  • crossProvides long-term relief, so you can enjoy your life more each day
  • crossTeaches you valuable techniques that you can apply to your daily routine for a lifetime of healing

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