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Mexía Bodywork is THE total physique solution designed to restore youthful movement, energy, and well-being. Utilizing the world’s most advanced techniques, Dario Mexia heals pain at its root and rejuvenates your body.

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Body Work Designed To Make Your Body Work

Bodywork is a transformative form of physical care that synthesizes the best of massage therapy, healing cupping and assisted stretching exercises to give your body the relief it needs to perform at its absolute best. It’s more than just another trip to the massage parlor. It’s a total body transformation for relief that lasts.

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Dario Mexia

Dario Mexia is NOT your average massage therapist. Mexia means “medicine” and “healer” in an old variant of Spanish (the original word was closely related to the word “Messiah”) – and that heritage inspires him today. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Colombia, and after moving to the USA in 2012, he began his journey toward his true passion: Mexia Massage & Bodywork.

After completing massage therapy program and becoming a certified personal trainer, Dario remains at the forefront of his bodywork field through continuous education and completion of multiple certification programs. Over the years, he has helped thousands of people heal their injuries, restore their mobility, and rediscover their lost energy and passion for all things physical. As an athlete himself, he has played semi-professional volleyball for many years. But more importantly, he knows what makes all types of bodies tick.

Now, Dario uses his years of experience to carefully craft customized Bodywork plans designed to meet your unique goals, obstacles, and pain points in the most advanced ways imaginable. His mission is inspired by his own namesake, to heal people.


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